Tricky Imp Publishing

About Us

It is always difficult being an independent author, there is so much to do and so many skills needed to bring your work into the gaze of potential customers. That's where we can help.
We can take some of the strain by solving all your publishing problems and needs. Publishing with Amazon or similar is very dead end and if you take your work seriously, then that is not the way to go.

Fine, if you just want to see your words in print as in so-called 'vanity publishing', then Amazon or one of the paid for vanity publishers is great. But if you see a future for your work, and you take it more seriously, then we think we can help.

What we offer

We have you covered in all areas of publishing, from the actual book, to your flyers and PR material. We can advise and help in all aspects of your work, from conception to getting it print ready, to page layout, cover design and cover layout, artwork and text design. We can help.
We can also help you with ISBN and the actual printing.

The look of your book is important. Not just the cover but the spine too, that is what most people see when they browse. We can help you make the right decisions in that area too, leaving you free to do what you are supposed to be doing, writing.

If you are planning your first book or if you are already self-published and looking to continue with more, contact us to see how we can help.